For those of you who have followed “lessons from mann,” welcome back! And for those of you just now joining, hey, hello, how ya doin??

I decided to start this companion blog, “food from mann for mankind” (clever, I know) in order to share another very important part of my life as of late.

Since July, I revamped my dining options and began cooking/baking nearly every meal from scratch. I was getting tired of the same ole, same ole (cereal for breakfast and lean cuisines for dinner among others). Not only was I bored with what I was eating (which made me “cheat” on my clean eating efforts), I was also not seeing the results that I wanted in my body- surprise, surprise.

After two months of home cooking, I have to say that I feel incredible. My options have increased ten fold and I am extremely satisfied with the recipes I have found and continue to find. I strive to look for ones that are nutritious and delicious, and because of my successes, I wanted to share them all with you!

My goal for this blog is to provide you with weekly updates of the food that I make. Normally, I cook a breakfast, snack and dessert as well as a few dinners that I can eat off all throughout the week. I will leave lunches to your own imagination as I literally must eat on the go in my car while traveling between school and work.

Along with the recipes, I will provide my thoughts on the results and my tips on making them even better- not every meal turns out to be a winner :D. I also hope to pass along any other wellness information that I have found to be useful in my endeavor to be the healthiest version of myself. Fair warning: a popular topic may wind up being workout related as it is my ultimate outlet.

I hope to encourage, and perhaps inspire, each and every one of you to begin your own cooking/baking journey. While I started this out as a way of feeling better, I inadvertently fell in love with it. Food has an incredible way of bringing people together, and I thoroughly enjoy making food for myself, and more importantly, for others- I believe I can speak on behalf of my closest friends and family when I say that I am starting to be known as that “crazy food girl” because I continuously use them as guinea pigs for new recipes.

Feel free to ask questions, or leave your own advice as I always am open to learning more.

My first week of meals will be posted tomorrow!

I leave you all with a quote…

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”


If you’re in a “I need ice cream NOW mood,” give Burton’s Creamery in Fayetteville, AR a try. Their unique ice cream cones do not disappoint- the PB&J is out of this world.




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